Case Study:

Creating Conception and Implementation of Various Change Procceses in a Group-managed Company in the Process Industry 


Large print plant, approx. 1,500 employees, approx. € 300 million annual turnover, integrated into the group structure

Initial Situation:

A medium-sized production company with about 1,500 employees has come under pressure due to a significant drop in prices in a highly competitive market. The central task was a considerable cost reduction. The utilization and performance in the production was quite good.


I have been responsible for this project as CEO and in many cases directly and personally involved. Significant cost factors were demonstrably the personnel costs. Therefore, a concept has been developed how these costs could be significantly reduced. The solution was

  1. termination of the unified tariff and installing of different and specialized tariffs,
  2. introduction and use of employee leasing models for certain activities,
  3. in the conclusion of work contracts for clearly defined and recurring processes.

Part of the implementation were also the start-up of subsidiaries to take over parts of the business that had to be transferred. As a result, other tariffs with lower labor costs were used in the new companies, which made the whole company competitive again.


The company has been able to maintain a positive result due to significant cost reductions. Individual production areas have significantly improved their competitiveness compared to specialized competitors.