Case Study Interim Mandate:

Operational Management of a Production Company with Strategic Personnel Reorientation


Medium-sized production company for mass production in the automotive and packaging industry, approx. 30 million € annual turnover with approx. 240 employees.

Initial Situation:

Originally, the mandate was to bridge a vacancy in the position of CEO. The mandate, scheduled for 3 to 5 months, has been extended several times and finally had a total duration of 16 months. The order was adapted dynamically several times.


Operational priorities at the beginning of the interim mandate were to promote the cooperation of the members of the Executive Board and to sustainably implement business processes. After a short and intensive analysis it turned out that the structure of the management Team needed fundamental changes. Many problems in the operational business of the company were based on a lack of cooperation at management level. Individual members of the management level were personally overwhelmed. This in turn resulted in illness-related failures of senior employees. In consultation with the client, I reorganized the management. I reduced the management by two positions. At the same time, I completely restructured human resources and, in the meantime, took over HR management. In the course of the personnel restructuring, new VP operations and VP sales were found and hired. During the transition phase, I led this divisions operationally.


At the end of the mandate, I handed over the newly developed structure to the newly appointed CEO. The owner, a German private equity group, is very satisfied with the results.

“… We were extremely satisfied with the commitment of Dr.-Ing. Pohé throughout the assignment and can absolutely and fully recommend him as an Interim Manager at CEO level…” (Marc Zube, COO of private equity owner company).

The whole testimonial you can find here.