Case Study:

Founding and Construction of a Production Site in the USA for a Globally Operating Group in the Wood-based Material Supplier Industry


Decor printing company, approx. 300 employees, approx. € 100 million annual turnover

Initial Situation:

A mid-sized company, which was one of the industry’s top 3 suppliers to the wood-based industry, has raised its sales in the US above target and made the strategic decision to produce in the US for the North American market.


As COO of the group, I was also responsible for this greenfield start-up in this project. On a previously acquired property, a production site was designed with local architects, which was completed in just 9 months. Extensive areas have been designated both in the building and on the property, making the location future-proof.

Parallel to the new building in the USA, a project for employee training has been started. On the one hand, future US employees in Germany have been trained on type-identical systems over several months. On the other hand, training sessions were held for the German employees, who temporarily went to the US to support the start-up phase of production.

In addition, a responsible technical manager from Germany accompanied the start-up phase.


The production started on time. Thanks to the initial support provided by specialists from Germany, any problems that arose could be remedied quickly and efficiently.

The production site reported a positive result after just 12 months.