Using Experiences

I am C-level interim manager for medium-sized companies and groups. You as my customer benefit in projects from my more than 25 years of successful national and international business management experience.

Core Competencies

Industry focus: process- and Pprinting Industry as well as mechanical engineering.

Distinctive general management expertise and profound practical experience and skills in sales, r&d, operations and HR.

Turnaround Management in medium-sized manufacturing companies, especially in international corporate groups .

Many years of expertise in capital-intensive, technology-driven B2B business processes.

I help you in exceptional business situations quickly and purposefully. In doing so, I only take on a mandate if I'm sure I can be successful for you.

From my point of view, the central questions about choising an interim manager are: Do the person fit into the upcoming project and the company? Does he have experience with the upcoming tasks? And: Is the interim manager worth the money?
Therefore, the aim of this website is to give you the best possible impression of my work.
However, no website can replace the personal talk. A telephone call or a first non-binding personal meeting are completing the picture.


There is nothing more than a personal recommendation. Therefore here is customer´s opinion from my last finished mandate:

" … In particular, we value his calm and assertive manner, with which he managed the company unerringly and successfully - both internally and externally - even in a difficult environment. ... We were extremely satisfied with the commitment of Dr.-Ing. Pohé throughout the assignment and can absolutely and fully recommend him as an interim manager at CEO level … " (Marc Zube, COO of Callista Private Equity)

Here you can find more about this project.

Defining Targets


Bringing in Management and Project Experiences

With my functions in the mechanical engineering and in the process industry, very different requirements have to be solved. Common to all is a generalist approach to grasp the overall context. At the same time, it is important to have an eye for the essential details that are ultimately crucial. I realize this with many years of practical experience in at least all areas of a manufacturing medium-sized companies.

Dr.- Ing. Jörg Pohé

Interim Management auf C-Level
What is motivating me?
"Achieve goals with a team that are not commonplace."
How to motivate others?
"Being authentic, giving feedback, straightforwardness and humor"
"The idea is 5% of the way, 95% is implementation"
> Retail Trader(IHK- Graduation)
> Dipl.- Ing. Mechanical Engineering (Uni Bochum)
> Dr.- Ing. Mechanical Engineering(Uni Bochum)
> CEO for more than 20 years
>2017-2019 Interim CEO at Globus Gummiwerke GmbH
> 2009-2017 Member of the Board at Heliograph Holding GmbH
> 2009-2017 CEO of HELL Gravure Systems GmbH & Co. KG
> 2007-2009 CEO of Dekor-Kunststoffe GmbH
> 2002-2007 CEO of Gruner Druck/ Prinovis Itzehoe, a Company of the Bertelsmann group
> 1997-2002 COO of Süddekor GmbH & Co. KG
Operational and Strategic Experience:
> More than 20 years management of companies and groups
> Sice 2017 Independent Interim Manager at C-Level
> Management of internationally very successful medium-sized companies
> Company size up to 1.500 employees, 300 Mio. € annual turnover
> World market leader with numerous international subsidiaries
> General Management including sales, R&D, Operations and HR
Industry Focus:
> Mechanical Engineering
> Prozess Industry
> Printing Industry
Selection of Implemented Projects:
> International start-ups of sales and production sites; mechanical engineering group
> Post-merger integration in mechanical engineering; world market leader
> Company transfers with renovation and restructuring; manufacturing company in the field of process Industry
> Outsourcing of sub-operations in the course of a restructuring; production plant with about 1,500 employees
> Negotiation and realization of a social plan; medium-sized production company
> Significant change processes in the course of a merger; large printing plant
> Fast operational growth, expansions of plants and capacity building; suppliers in the wood materials industry
> more details can be found in my case studies
Social Skills:
> international leadership experience in the European, Asian and North American economic area
> Integration skills in bringing together companies and employees of different nationalities and cultures
> Organizational competence in line responsibility and the management of complex projects
> Straightforwardness and integrity in dealing with all stakeholders
> Communication and presentation strength in German and English
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Just Doing

If you need assistance, give me a call or send me an email. Short-term answer guaranteed.

Phone: +49 (0) 173/ 608 4164
E-mail: jpohe(ad)