Case Study:

Post-Merger-Integration of Several Prinitng Industry Production Companies


Large medium-sized group, nationwide leading large-scale printing plants, approx. 6,000 employees, approx. 1.3 billion € annual turnover

Initial Situation:

Several large printing companies have joined forces in a joint venture. Former competitors have created a new group of companies with joint distribution. In the post-merger, one goal was to create a common corporate culture and leverage synergies in order to position the group more economically than the individual companies.


As CEO of a large single site, I was also a member of the Executive Board of the Group and jointly responsible for all group-wide optimizations.

Immediately after the founding of the new company and its operational capacity, numerous direct and indirect cost reduction projects were started under the roof of a project group management. These included, for example:

  • Segmental purchasing pooling; one location each is responsible for group-wide purchasing volumes for certain product groups (color, paper, consumables, etc.).
  • Best practice; roll out of the tested most effective manufacturing process to all other sites,
  • Best fit; the site with the lowest specific production costs (with free capacities) gets the production order.

The centralization of sales with responsibility for all locations and a group-wide investment policy enabled strategic positioning and prevented further overcapacities.

In the course of numerous controlled working groups, employees came, step by step, to a common identity despite the internal competition between the locations.


All projects have been completed successfully. As requested, the post-merger led to the increase of synergies in various areas (purchasing, production, service, sales) and thus to relevant cost reductions. The foundation for a common corporate culture has been laid.